Blanchard House Museum


2010, May 7

Documents, pictures, photographs, and 3-dimensional objects of the permanent exhibit in the Blanchard House Museum permanent exhibit gallery.


The Blanchard House, built in 1925, was home of Joseph and Minnie Blanchard. He was a steam boat pilot, and she a mail order bride. The house was purchased by Bernice Russell in 1997; after all of the Blanchard heirs were deceased. At her death in 1999, the house was donated to the Bernice A. Russell CDC by her daughter, Dr. Martha R. Bireda and her children. The Blanchard House Museum, established in 2004, was the vision of Bernice Andrews Russell. The Blanchard House Museum is an open access, educational institution devoted to the procurement, preservation, study, and display of artifacts and materials related to the history, culture, and contributions of African Americans in the settlement and development of Charlotte County. The Museum is established not only to be a repository of treasured objects, but also a community gathering place to reflect, celebrate, encounter, and display the talents of local artisans. The Blanchard House Museum Permanent Exhibit displays the history of the Blanchard family as well the history of African Americans in Charlotte County.

The exhibit is divided into nine panels:

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