DAR National Medal of Honor presented to Clifton Lewis

Clifton Lewis receiving the Daughters of the American Revolution AwardThe DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) National Medal of Honor was presented today and it was one of those out of this world events. This Bartow chapter was chartered back in 1930, and it was announced that today marks the first time this chapter has presented this National Medal of Honor to anyone. It was also announced that this is only the second DAR National award presented in the entire state of Florida! It was a most humbling affair and I was doubly honored to have Mr. Corbett join my wife and I. As I listened to the introductory words, I wondered “who is the Regent describing, surely it cannot be this irascible old goat?” Althemese, your terrific letter of endorsement helped make this possible, and today your words were quoted as part of the program. I will send you a copy of the Regent’s remarks. I truly thank you.

– Clifton Lewis

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