#MySpady: Community Outreach, Participation, & Representation Campaign

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum is pleased to announce the launch of #MySpady: A Community Outreach, Participation, & Representation Campaign. This interactive campaign will connect local residents and visitors while taking them on a months long adventure combining cultural interactions with local agencies & organizations in and around The Delray Beach & South Florida area.

Bringing People Together In Celebration of Black History!

Outreach -You Talk, We Talk, and then it’s a Conversation.

We want to hear from you! Along with holding focus groups within the museum to discuss relevant community topics, there will be daily online engagements to let your voice be heard. #MySpady is partnering with various community and City of Delray Beach organizations in order to bring community awareness to events and programs in Delray Beach and South Florida. The fastest & most effective way you can be a part of this unique groundbreaking campaign is by engaging with the campaign on Social Media.

Participation – Just a Click Away from the Village.

PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES. Every week will be a chance to WIN. The #MySpady initiative will host over 50 different interactive experiences, online & off. By engaging with the Spady Museum and #MySpady you will have a chance to take home some cool items. Also, Kickstart Family Dinner by Visiting our Family Night section and check out healthy recipes, after dinner games and other fun activities. We hope you will share some of your plans for Family Fun Night and encourage others to participate.

Representation- History in real time  

A key component of #MySpady will be to highlight local artist and spotlight community oriented businesses. History may mean remembering the accomplishments of the past, but #MySpady ask why wait?  Let’s recognize outstanding local talent right now because we are all history in real time. We want to hear about your success, tell us about a creation or an award you won.

The  Spady Cultural Heritage Museum continues its tradition of offering Lifelong Learning, #MySpady is an extension of that tradition. #MySpady is a Community space encouraging open dialogue about all relevant topics affecting residents and visitors of South Florida. The Spady Museum will achieve its goal of improving and expanding the reach of cultural heritage knowledge.  Having folks get involved in online conversations. The village will speak through #MySpady and community culture will grow and evolve. We want to hear from you because heart of this initiative is the support of our Community which includes YOU. Please Visit Us Now @ MySpady.com and who knows; you may win a prize.

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