Pinellas County African American History Museum

Accession: Pinellas Midwife Della Jackson Birth Records Collection

Description: Mrs. Della Jackson, a midwife from Clearwater, Florida, delivered more than 500 babies between the late 1930s and the late 1960s. Most of these deliveries took place in the parents’ homes. This collection consists of information obtained by Mrs. Jackson about the babies she delivered. It has been maintained in series.

» Birth Records Collection

Accession: Pinellas Funeral Programs Collection

Description: The funeral programs collection consists of over 200 programs ranging from 1958 to 2008. The majority of the programs are from churches in Pinellas County, Florida and the surrounding area, with a few from out-of-state. The programs typically contain a photograph of the deceased, an obituary, a list of the surviving relatives, and the order of service. The collection had been maintained in one series.

» Funeral Programs Collection

Accession: Pinellas Library Book Collection

Description: The Pinellas County African American History Museum is located in the former Curtis Elementary School and is one of only two remaining structures that were originally all-black public schools in upper Pinellas County, Florida. Being located in a former school afforded the museum the opportunity to use the existing library for cataloging and displaying its book collection. Only books located on Shelf One have been listed.

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